About Us

The roots of our school reach to year 1957. Since then, it went through lots of changes...
This year 715 pupils aged 6 - 15 attend our school in 30 classes. 49 teachers care about their education.


Our school follows:

- integrated theme teaching - using life experiences in classes
- connection of real life with school
- classes with extended teaching of English, Maths and natural sciences
- connection of real life with school
- wide variety of hobby groups after school



- successfull attendance of our pupils in knowledge and sports competitions
- our school is on the first place in knowledge competition in our town
- the whole school was reconstructed last year

Our school has:

- two gyms, a playground, nice modern classes with interactive boards and internet, four IT classes, school library, spacious dining room...
- training assistant, psychologist
- integrated children with disabilities
- children with different social backgrounds
- every year children attend a "school in nature" for 5 days
- Peer groups
- Program for mental health
- in various occasions - concerts, theatre attendances, cultural happenings
Our curriculum consists of family and parenthood education, traffic education, multimedial education, multicultural education, education of preservation of health and life... Mingeld in the regular national curriculum in every subject tought in school.

Eims of our school - cultural awareness by intercultural dialogue, innovations, good practices and European dimension in education.

Students and teachers of different countries in interaction could learn other cultures as well as be more aware of their own cultures. This can help them to be tolerant and have respect for other people and cultures.

„Education should offer knowledge as a precious gift, not as a duty.“ Einstein

Our goals
- development of pupils´ life skills needed for their successful and happy life

- development of critical thinking skills, creative thinking and flexible problem solving

- the formation of internal motivation of self-improvement, social feeling and value orientation

- quality communication in native and foreign languages with respect to the ability of children

- providing opportunities for experience of own success in education, sports and different kinds of art forms

- using of modern information technologies in stability with the formation of healthy lifestyle

- offer opportunities for children to connect school with their real life through projects in various subjects

- acquisition of solid foundation of general knowledge for children´s future at the secondary school